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Our twenty-first century is certainly generating dynamic demands. To be effective, organizations must identify their objectives, define their strengths, and entrust their workforce.

Upgrading learning competencies - critical thinking, computer skills, and networking - is an important step in enabling enterprises to better find ways to serve customers and communities. Every organization benefits from a viable strategic plan.

Digitally Acquired Learning for Entrepreneurs Inc. or DALE, can customize a management process and guideline to help you stay ahead of the game. By translating objectives into real priorities, your strengths and new learning ventures become a dynamic package, clearing the way for progress. We are development consultants.

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The Tre Ver is built by UVD (Projects) Pte Ltd.  This is a joint venture with UOL Group and United Industrial Corporation (UIC).  It occupies a sprawling land size of 201,405 square feet of area.  The Tre Ver TOP is expected in February 2021.

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