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The following articles have been written by DALE Inc. for various newspapers concerning e-business. The website will updated on a regular basis:

Seneca enters into agreement with Aussie U

International business students now have another option in their quest for an International Business Diploma. Canada's Seneca College has announced it has entered into an agreement with the University of Western Sydney (UWS) that will allow Seneca graduates of international business to obtain a degree from UWS in one year. Full Story.

City councillor says Toronto needs high speed Internet access


Councillor John Adams, chair of the city's telecommunications committee, is making a passionate plea to give everyone in Toronto access to high speed Internet connections.Full Story

Toronto Universities are responding to new business needs

In an era of constant change in all sectors of the Canadian economy, university graduates are finding that they must rethink their career path. Full Story

Universe2U acquires four companies

Richmond Hill based Universe2U Inc. announced it has signed an agreement to acquire the Canadian and US companies of Aetix Group. Full Story

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