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Entrepreneurial Overload

Starting or running your own business? It's the shift of the century but your calendar can't handle any more. You're coping with market analyses, overhead, self-promotion - and getting Junior to hockey practice, fighting to get in shape, and sharpening your golf game for that annual tournament. Whatever your particular combination of stresses, you're coping with a lot. The demands on you are steady and building and it's hard to know what to do first. The question you keep asking yourself is: Am I making any headway?

What Would Help

A self-cleaning house, you say. But besides that, wouldn't it be nice if all you had to focus on was a few important things? What a luxury! Sound impossible? We say it's do-able provided you've got a plan that rings true for you and a solid idea of the resources you've got to get you there - and that's what DALE offers.

Key: Knowing What's Important

At DALE, we invite you to come in and talk to one of our consultants about the several demands that are competing for your time and energy, and complicating your life. Our goal is that you develop a clearer picture of the areas that come first - and for everyone that answer will be different. At DALE, we'll assess your competing interests and, together with you, what is identified as your priority need(s) may surprise you. Equipped with that information alone, you can start to simplify and order your life.

Help Based on Personal Experience and Solid Research

With an intrapreneurial corporate background that spans more than 25 years and having conducted research on entrepreneurship for women since 1990, our founder has a well grounded view of the world of business and learning . Notable research projects include her:

Additionally, Joe, her husband, with his own research and telecommunications experience has well prepared him to write hundreds of E-commerce articles and on the future of the Internet. As a husband and wife team, Joe and Dale have also written with a humorous twist, a monthly column on e-commerce. The intent was to help others feel less stress when learning more about Internet-based businesses. Watch for it as "Digitizing Donnie" to be out on bookshelves as a book. This couple's vision to truly care for their clients, and the full certification in network maintenance of their long-time associate, Sunny Tse, ensures that DALE Inc. and their associates well serves a loyal and growing clientele.


From two women entrepreneurs who were research participants:

Your [Dale's] relaxed, sincere and professional style is complementary to this process. I believe entrepreneurial women need full reins with competent guidance as required. You have a real talent for assessing personalities and situations, which I feel will benefit all of us and your project greatly. [Participant 1]

I've done a 180-degree turnaround. When I first spoke with you about 2 months ago, Dale, I did not like the computer and it did not like me. But it has proven to be an excellent efficient tool for communication. I gave them [upcoming international conference delegates] a reason to speak with me. [Participant 2]

From a senior business management colleague:

During most of this year, Dale Vaillancourt coordinated the conversion of my course notes for Business Statistics I (CQMS102) into a WebCT distance education course. She was responsible for coordinating and implementing all technical aspects of setting up the course. I found Dale to be a pleasant, competent, cooperative, prompt and hard-working individual. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her.
Professor, Quantitative Methods, School of Business Management, Ryerson University

Other Helps

We'll talk about what creates a comfortable learning approach for you, why it makes sense, and where else you might want to use it.

At DALE Inc., we consider ourselves successful when you don't need us any more. We're available for as long as you think you might need to consult with us, but our overall aim is to make you self-sufficient. We'd like to see you leave feeling comfortable with the tools you have at hand, with how you are going to monitor your progress, and looking forward to new learning endeavours.

Making Progress - Monitoring/Reporting
Follow-Up Support and Evaluation

Dale Vaillancourt, Ph.D.
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